July 31, 2016

Absolutely fantastic service! Thanks a mill for the JC kit!


Very professionally done and a very sweet attitude! :) I definitely will be buying another kit from you in the future thanks again for the kit!


Got 2 kits and it went very smooth, got to 600 in both professions in no time. Thanks again great service!


Very pleased with the service, would recommend this to anyone looking for kits to power lvl their professions. (Not a Scam)


Going back and mining all those old ores doesn’t tickle my fancy, and neither does sitting by the AH and waiting hoping the right ores come on the market. This service you’re offering is very convenient, and I appreciate that you’re willing to go do all the gathering for us.


I just bought the 1-600 Inscription service and its GREAT!!! … Lets face it. Making gold on wow is extremely easy and saving yourself hours and hours of tedious farming its just awesome. I can confirm the service is legit, no scams, and really accurate. Thanks Kitseller. Keep it up!


I’ve bought the alchemy kit and the service is great. The kit came with herb stacks that got me 600 skill points in the profession and four bags… This is a very convenient operation, its no scam! I plan on buying other kits in the future. Thanks Kitseller and everyone in association with your service.