Are you struggling with a profession and just can’t get past a certain point?

Or do you have multiple alts and would just like to level their professions quickly without having to farm for hours?

If either of these situations pertain to you, you’ll be able to buy an all-inclusive leveling kit that will contain everything you need to level your profession(s) from 1-700, guaranteed!

To provide you with the best deals, I have personally farmed, bought, and stored all the materials you need, and continuously look for the best deals in order to get you the cheapest, easiest and most complete kit there is.

Don’t have the bag space? No problem! I’ve included 4 free Netherweave Bags in each kit to get you started.

So, how does it work?

  • First, you will need a guildless alt. ( If you’re unable to leave your guild, I’ll work with you and either trade the mats directly to you or C.O.D. them to you.) But if you do have an eligible toon, we’ll continue on to the next step!
  • I will then invite you to my kit guild so that you can view the materials in the specified tab for verification.
  • You must pay first, in full, by donating the money to the guild bank before you can withdraw any materials from it.
  • After paying, you will be able to withdraw all the materials from the correct tab.
  • You may stay in my guild for as long as you need to remove all the materials(don’t forget the free bags!).
  • After you are finished removing the materials, I have one last request:
    • Leave a “thank you” reply and your thoughts regarding your kit on my forum topic, here: Click me!
    • Or, leave a reply on the “Testimonials” page to the left.
    • Or, tell your friends about my business! If you bring me a paying customer, you will get 10% of the sale as sales commission!

If you find that you are missing materials in your kit, please notify me right away and I will get the material for you free of charge!

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