Updating the site…

I plan to update the site this weekend, so please bear with me as some changes for Legion are made. :)

Some kit prices may or may not be changed, but I’ll let you guys know soon. I will post another update once everything has been completed.

In the meantime, I am not taking any more kit requests until the site is fully updated and my main toon(the toon I farm on) is max level. Hopefully that will be by this weekend as well.

Thanks! :)

– Kitseller


New kit: mining!

I’ve added “Mining” to the list of kits you can buy! All you have to do is smelt the ore; unfortunately, it’s only from skill level 1-525. :( Once you hit 525, you can’t smelt anything else so you’ll have to farm nodes on your own. Since the smelting recipes are usually green or yellow colored, I’ve included extra ore so hopefully you won’t run into any trouble. And since the recipes gray out quickly, you might have to farm a few nodes in between.

I am open to your thoughts and experiences if you happen to buy a “Mining” kit. I would really like to know how the whole process goes since this is new to me!


Thanks. :)

– Kitseller


Kits ready to go!

I have an inscription, enchanting, and tailoring kit that are ready to go! If you’re interested in any of these or all of them, please let me know!

Feel free to comment on this post, use the contact form on the Contact page, or send me a message in game.


– Kitseller


I’m back!

Hello all! For those who remember me, I’ve returned and am back to work. If this is your first time visiting my site, welcome!

I would like to apologize for being absent for so long. A much-needed break from WoW was needed and lots of big things were happening IRL. But I’m happy to say that I’m back and open for business again!

I still have my long list of previous buyers so if you had bought a kit in the past before, you’ll still receive your 10% discount on future kits.

LF Herbalists, Miners and Skinners!

Things get overwhelming very quickly with as many requests as I get daily. So in order to keep waiting times down, I’m interested in hiring a few farming hands!

I’m looking for herbalists, miners and skinners who’d like to make thousands of gold by filling large orders of gathering materials for me. If you don’t mind farming and would like to get paid directly for your work instead of messing around with the Auction House, lets get down to business. I need steady and dependable suppliers.

Please contact me if you are interested in working something out that is fair and profitable for both of us. You can find my contact information through the Contact menu link.